Three Scenes

Three Scenes is a game of improvisation and storytelling. The purpose of this game is to help us to practice the art of collaboratively improvising awesome scenes. Our goal is to roleplay through three scenes that add up to a fun story.

Imagine the 3 most memorable scenes from a movie - an exciting beginning of the story, a dramatic complication in the middle, and an awesome climax resolving the story at the end. That's what we want to create.

1. Set up the scene

When you click play, you will see your image cards at the top, and, below them, a list of three scenes we will play through. You can click on your cards to randomize images, you can drag the cards onto the empty slots in the scenes, and you can hover over scene and slot titles to see their description.

To play through the scene, we will first set up its key elements - Location, Characters, Goal, and Conflict. Pick a card you think is the best suited for the next element, place it onto the slot, and pitch an idea for that element inspired by that image.

Discuss that idea with your friends, build on top of each other's ideas, and then move on to the next one. Once all the scene elements have been established, we will roleplay through the scene.

2. Roleplay through the scene

One of the players becomes the Narrator (think Game Master), their goal is to describe the world around the players. The other players pick the characters they'd like to play as. If someone doesn't have an established character, they will play the roles of whatever NPCs may come into the scene.

Each scene is about the characters actively trying to overcome obstacles on their path to the goal.

During the scene, we aim to progressively escalate the conflict and raise the stakes. The scene ends when we resolve its conflict - our heroes have successfully taken a step closer to achieving their goal, or failed and suffered some setback taking them farther away from what they want.

As we play through the scenes, our goal is to create a fun story that makes sense and resolves in a satisfying way.

Come join our discord to play with us!